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American Witchcraft

We are Americans. We are Witches. Though we may have our ancestry in other countries, we were born, and raised and taught in America. Not in England, not Scandinavia, not in Egypt and not in Ireland.

We are Americans. We are Witches. Our American Traditions are as proud and as strong as those of any other country. Right here, right now, the traditions of witchcraft and conjure in America go back hundreds of years.

Yet, almost every book we have on our bookshelf or left beside our nightstand is about European Witchcraft. This website is about American Witchcraft, also known as Witchcraft, Conjure, Hoodoo, Hexenkraft and a whole host of culturally specific terms.

  • Magic was done as early as the 1700’s in the Appalachian Mountains by those of Scottish and Irish heritage, and is more commonly called Appalachian Granny Magic, kitchen witchery, hedge witch craft or Ozark Folk Magic.

  • Magic was done since the time of slavery in the south from South Carolina to Texas by those of African heritage. These practices are more commonly known as Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootwork.

  • Magic was done in the 17th and 18th centuries in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvanian Dutch, German settlers. This is known as powwow magic, braucherei, or hexenkraft.

  • Magic was done as by fisherman of Sicilian and Portugese heritage along our sea coasts, particularly in California, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  This is known as Stregheria, or witchcraft.

  • Brujeria, Americans of Spanish colonial heritage in the South West and West.

  • Scandinavian Folk Magic in Minnesota and Wisconsin, from Sweden, Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

  • Native American practices and influences.

  • More recently Chinese and Japanese folk magic.

This website is here to serve those who are interested in learning more about American Witchcraft.

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If you have felt that the only form of witchcraft available was European, and wanted something more true to your place of birth, then you have found the resource you are looking for.

On these pages we will discuss:

  1. Books on American Witchcraft, written by Americans about American magical practices of this century and those past.
  2. Herbs, Roots, and Curios native to America, used by Americans - African, Caucasian and Native.
  3. Tree lore in America -- their magical, ritual and religious associations.
  4. Actual magical practices in their authentic states, not watered down by interpretation.
  5. The tools, altar spaces, and sacred places of American Witches.

On this site, you will not find fairies, unicorns or butterflies.  Only serious authentic magical practices in America.

Don't adapt.  Immerse.



Appalachian Granny Magic

Welcome to America

Hoodoo and Pow Wow

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© American Witchcraft

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Religion, Conjure & Craft

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